Study for The Negro at Billiards

In notes for her painting The Negro at Billiards (which is now lost), Alice wrote that the face on the cue ball was that of the controversial abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens. But in this study on paper, the portrait is of Abraham Lincoln.

An oil portrait of Alice's mother, Mary Hastings Bradley.

An oil portrait of a woman, probably painted in Santa Fe or Taos, New Mexico.

A watercolor, possibly a study for a mural. Another in the same series shows soldiers marching beneath a monstrous caricature of Hitler.

The "Club Gai", detail

This painting is signed with the pseudonym "Alice Hastings" (Alice's middle name) and was submitted to the prestigous "All-American" show at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC., in 1941. Two years earlier, this blind juried show had accepted Alice Davey's nude self-portrait, but this painting was rejected.