One of the ways in which mothering has been directly, specifically useful for my writing is that I got to do a lot of reading aloud. I practiced first as a kid, on my younger sister. Later it was something that I loved about having children of my own.

So I’m honored that David Naimon asked me to talk about Le Guin, writing, and motherhood for this great podcast series, and I’m also really, really pleased that he asked me to read bits of my own and Ursula’s work. I enjoyed doing “The Fisherwoman’s Daughter,” including the great passages by Virginia Woolf about the writer “fishing the mind’s lake.” [56:30] And I loved talking [1:12:30] about the part of “The Shobies’ Story” that is about family, and getting lost, and how telling stories can help lost people find the way.

Listen here:

Then listen to all the other episodes. Each one is a gem.

Author photo by Chris van Houts